Home Screen

The Announcr Home Screen uses a “Nearby” view by default. This view finds the nearest 50 Announcr Locations and shows them to you in order of distance.

Locations with a heart on them are your favorites! Add a new favorite any time buy using the button, or by clicking on any location. enter image description here At the bottom of the Home screen is the Auto-Greeter. This amazing little widget actively looks for nearby Passing triggers within range and activates them! Read about it here.

If you click on any location in the list, you will be taken to the Location Screen.

Location Screen

The Location Screen has all the details for any single location. It is very handy to use when you’re travelling to a specific location that’s set up in Announcr.

enter image description here You will see the Location’s FID up top, with a Copy button next to it.

What is an FID?? An FID is a “Friendly ID” for any location, user, or speaker device. We can share them in Announcr to make it easy to share our Announcr location or user id with others! There is usually a Copy button next to any FID.

Under that are the location details, distance, and the Favorite button. Hit the favorite button to … add it you your Favorites list! I know, super original.

Under this is a list of all the Announcr triggers supported by the location. A trigger is an event which can be activated at the location and sends out either your Custom Announcement, or a default message if there is no Custom Announcement set. Here is a brief description of the types of triggers.

Location Triggers

If a trigger is not enabled for a location, or if it has already been activated, it probably won’t show up in the list. It’s also possible that it shows up with a remaining reset time.

Name Description
Enroute This is a special type of announcement which you can activate when you select the location. It allows you to basically tell the location that you’re “on the way”.
Halfway If you selected ‘Enroute’, then you can choose to enable a Halfway action. This action will store the total distance when you hit Enroute, and send out an announcement at the halfway mark, so … “I’m halfway home!” kind of thing.
Passing If you are further than the Outside range but inside the Passing range… and moving… you will activate this trigger. It’s the handy dandy “Just passing by, you monkey!” kind of notification you’ve always wanted to use, similar to the Auto-Greeter.
Outside If you’re within the location’s Outside range and have stopped moving for the most part, this trigger is activated. It’s meant to indicate that you’ve just arrived at the location. There is a brief 10-second countdown before this trigger is activated, which gives you time to set a custom announcement if you need to.
Inside Once an Outside trigger has been activated, you’re free to activate the Inside trigger at any time. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a Royal Entrance with flourish. Just build a Custom Announcement and either send it manually right before you walk through the door, or use the delay option to have it play just at the right moment.
Direct This can be done at any time if a location allows Direct Messages and is not in Do Not Disturb mode. You can build and send a direct message to be played, just hit that Send button. There is no default message for Direct messages (obviously!)

Location Triggers also have a few attributes which tell them how to behave. They’re set with default values then the Location is first set up, and can be customized as needed.

Name Description
Range This is the minimum range at which the trigger can be activated. If you open the app and you’re already within range of an Outside trigger, for example, you will activate it after a brief countdown. For an Outside trigger, the default range is 100ft, and for a Passing trigger, the defalut range is 150ft.
Reset This is the time that must pass before the same trigger can be activated by the same person. It has a default value of 10800 seconds, which is 180 minutes or 3 hours.
Frequency Frequency is the maximum number of times a specific trigger can be activated per day per person. For triggers with lower reset times, this can be useful to set to avoid being annoyed.

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