What is Announcr?

Announcr is an audio notification and content system consisting of 3 major components:

  1. AnnouncrBot
  2. Mobile App
  3. An API and services to connect them together

You can use it in your travels to make the world a friendlier place in the midst of a global pandemic, easily send funny messages to people, or be announced like royalty when you walk into one of your favorite stores or restaurants. You can use it to setup neighborhood tours, deliver real estate information to customers as they drive by a listing, or just to hear friendly greetings as you drive through neighborhoods.

If you work or learn from home, use it to brighten your day by getting brief uplifting, entertaining, or motivational content throughout your day along with important notifications for things you care about.

How does it work?

The mobile app is used to send custom messages to AnnouncrBot, to create and maintain Announcr Locations and AnnouncrBot, and to trigger location-based actions. You can also receive messages from other users and Announcr-enabled houses/locations that you pass by.

AnnouncrBot is essentially a ‘connected speaker’ which can receive events from Announcr and from other outside services via API. It can be attached to one or more Announcr locations, or stand on its own.

You can run your own AnnouncrBot by installing AnnouncrBot on any Windows PC/Laptop, Mac, or Android device (including FireTV Sticks!).

What is AnnouncrBot?

AnnouncrBot is a small program running on a computing device which can play sounds originating from the Internet! The sounds are usually notifications, simple messages, or content!

Many of us are spending more time in the house than we used to. The beauty of AnnouncrBot is that when driven by a powerful system, it can give you beneficial touch points of regularity you need to remain focused and well-balanced throughout your day.

You can think of it as being your own personalized radio station with intelligent content that is equal parts utility, mental health, information, entertainment, and socialization. Add in small friendly notifications and you’ve got a powerful new tool in your life to help reduce your stress and keep things running smoothly.

We are all used to notifications being sent to us on our mobile phones. You may hear a notification sound, and then you need to go to where your phone is and look at it to see what’s important. Audio notifications are a different modality, because you hear a small notification sound quickly followed by the actual content… without having to go activate it.

It could be something like:

  • A reminder to take medication
  • An upcoming appointment
  • A message from a friend
  • A notification that your delivery is outside
  • A reminder that it is a special day, birthday, holiday, anniversary
  • A greeting from someone you know who is passing by outside
  • A bill reminder
  • A message that someone is on the way over to your place
  • A notification that someone responded to your Facebook post

Or it could be a kind of content, like:

  • Music!
  • An uplifting or motivational message
  • A joke
  • Some content from a Discord channel you’re in
  • A fun message from your friends
  • A news update
  • A meditation routine to stay mindful
  • An exercise routine
  • A bit of scripture
  • A special celebration experience built for your birthday, anniversary, or holiday

Read more about the Announcr App, Announcr Locations, or check out the AnnouncrBot

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