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How It Works

Download and install AnnouncrBot on Windows, MacOS, Android Smart TV, or Amazon FireTV Stick.
Share the link to your AnnouncrBot with your friends and family, and sign up for content.
The AnnouncrBot delivers SWEET audio content to you to brighten your day.


Use our simple API to write services to deliver audio content via Text-To-Speech, SFX, and other kinds of audio. Integrate with your favorite apps and social sites to bring them into a higher level of utility and function.

New Destination for Chatbot Content

If you've put time and money into chatbot tech and would like to be able to notify users out loud, consider an integration!

Announcr API

For Creators and Influencers

Syndicate your best content to your subscribers!

Create a new channel in Announcr for your advice, tips, news, jokes, stories, etc. Set the category and subscription price.
Add your content by recording it or by using our 'Build Announcement' Voice + SFX + Music system.
Send out your channel link to your subscribers. They'll get AUTOMATIC pieces of audio content from you on their schedule.

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