You will see the Auto-Greeter on the Home Screen. This amazing little widget actively looks for nearby Passing triggers within range and activates them! It has three basic states.

Initial Disabled

When you open up the Announcr app, it is in this state… which is the default. You have to hit the big blue button to activate it. enter image description here

Enabled without Custom Announcement

As soon as you hit the Auto-Greeter button, you are given the opportunity to build a custom announcement. If you exit the screen, you will see something that looks like this… enter image description here This is a typical view of a trigger button. There is no Custom Announcement set, as shown in the button. It’s currently scanning for locations, it gives you an indication of your speed, and shows you how many seconds in a row you have been moving.

In order to set off a Passing trigger, you have to be moving at least 0.1MPH for at least 10 seconds in a row. This means you can use it while walking too ;)

Enabled with Custom Announcement

When you build a custom announcement to be used for trigger, the icon changes to a solid light green fill, indicating that it is filled with a usable Custom Announcement. It looks like this: enter image description here


Sometimes it is desirable for you to disable a trigger when it would otherwise be activated automatically when you’re in range. To do this, just click on the green toggle button underneath a trigger’s status. A disabled trigger looks like this, and hitting the toggle button would typically activate the trigger again. enter image description here

Note: You can build a Custom Announcement at any time by hitting the Custom button on the left of any trigger button. When you hit OK to exit that screen, it sets the Custom Announcement. If you Cancel, it empties it.

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