Build Announcement

The magical Build Announcement screen lets you create a custom announcement. enter image description here

You can choose an Intro Sound to be played before the spoken message, and an Outro Sound which will be played immediately after. You will hear a sample of the sound when you select it from the menu.

You can also specify a Voice to Use for the spoken message. Announcr will turn your message into a cool audio spoken message using that voice. Hear samples of the voices just by selecting them from the dropdown.

Note: You have to choose at least one sound or message to be included in the announcement. Why? Because silent announcements just aren’t as exciting as you might imagine ;)

The other options on this screen are: Delay: will send your custom announcement when it’s triggered, but will delay the play of it for x seconds. This can be handy if you want to time your announcement just right when walking into someone’s house or a restaurant, for example. Notify: will send an App Notification to your phone when your custom message plays. This is handy because you won’t always be able to hear when an announcement is played, but you can still know it happened.

If you want to hear what it will sound like when delivered, hit the Test button. Sweet!

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